Meeting with a Realtor

I was doing my research and getting fed up because the one second I understand something I wouldn't be sure how much if affected something else. So might as well go directly to someone that can answer my questions. 

Kind of  a small world or maybe I just started to notice it more, but my old volleyball teammate's mom is a realtor and I have been seeing her posts like crazy lately. It's been making me want to know even more or just pick her brain. Luckily since I knew her pretty well it was easy and casual for me to communicate and not feel dumb or judged.

1. Reach out

I found it best to communicate on LinkedIn...not sure why maybe it seemed more professional. We set up a time to get coffee after work. I canceled due to timing/I got nervous. Then we rescheduled again and took a few attempts to meet up but she was still more than willing.

2. Do your research

I looked up took things to ask a realtor haha very generic questions like what area is your expertise in? How many people do you help a week? How often do you meet with a client? 
Honestly I don't care too much for these questions but I know asking them will help me learn more and make her feel confident. 
I also wrote down some info I wanted to share with her or go over. Not sure how much of it we will use but if she asks I can have an exact answer to continure our what loan would be best for me? how much will I have saved up by the time I want to purchase? How are closing costs? What type of house I want/ what type of house she thinks would be a good fit?
SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! See mine below


3. Let them explain what they want

I feel like most people want to help you but also feel really stongly about something or think you should know something else. It's really a good thing. Sometimes it comes off as lecturing, but enjoy it and learn from what they are saying- even if it is something you already know. 
For example the lady I met with was re-explaining about how much to put down and how being a realtor would benefit and it made a lot of other things click for me- like how invested they would be in my deal. How the buying price can be raised to include the closing costs....and such.

4. Take Notes

No matter how simple they seem in the meeting (just like school classes) you'll most likely forget all the details after. Write down little notes about everything. 
Also, I will keep important things I know I want to go over on the top of this same sheet and just make sure to get all my questions answered. (the research)

5. Leave on a Good Note

Crazy to say but imagine how you will enter and leave with what you will say. This will avoid awkward situations and have you leaving confident and not over-thinking the meeting. 
You also want the realtor to respect and want to do work with you so how you present yourself, show up, and leave is HUGE.

What I learned......

It wasn't a great fit...I have learned very quickly that if anyone under estimates me- I want nothing to do with them. 
I am planning to only put 3.5% down when I do purchase. My goal is a year from now...but with leases and apartments it might be like a year and a half. 
I want a duplex to rent half and live in half. Most duplexes in MPLS area are around 250,000 + so that means at least 10k for down payment, plus I want a good cushion for upgrades right away. 
With those goals I need to be saving around 1k a month :/ 
Also this realtor mentioned that I should meet with a bank asap to know what I can afford. 


what my notes look like!

Hope you enjoyed
I'll be sure to update as I go along!!