5 Favorites #9

  1. Chia Seed Pudding for breakfast

banana chia.jpg

How hiPsTer I know I know…

I used to be into Avocado toast too so who knows how long this fad will last. But for now, I really enjoy it and it makes me happy & healthy!!

Very simple to make and I think it takes great, Nick, my boyfriend, isn’t as big of a fan. It’s worth trying for yourself. Here’s the post about how I make it!


2. Chelsea King Scrunchies

If you have long or thick hair you need these! They’re kind of pricey but I really think they’re worth it. I ordered two since I tried a friends (thanks Hailey!) and knew I would LOVE them, and shipping $. I got these two so they can go with outfits but I think it would be so fun to get a cute patterned one!

I like them because the internal binder is much stronger and bigger, also there is more material!

3. Budgeting


This one is kind of broad but I really enjoy keeping track of my budget. Especially in the busy summer months where we tend to spend more. I hope to save more than I spend this summer! Even just being aware and seeing everything is a huge step.

Read my post about simple budgeting and what I do to track expenses.


I’ll admit it…I bite my nails :/ shame. I found that getting the Dip powder on my nails help me not to bite them. It is the perfect in between of Acrylic and Gel. Except the price point is INSANE!!!! A friend of mine said she did it at home and loved it so I found a kit on amazon. I am so happy with how well this works for how cheap it is.

I got this shade of the kit but I linked it to another since it is sold out.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow- just make sure to use the “brush saver” on the base and gel after using like around the thread of the cap and I will just completely dip the other brush into the brush saver!

5. FitBit

wow I haven’t posted in awhile and I realllly know now because I’ve had my fitbit for over a month. I really enjoy it!

I don’t think it makes me want to workout more than I normally did but I do really focus on getting 10k steps a day. Which makes me get up from my desk at work more often and go on longer walks with Brewer(my pupper). I got it from Target.

I have the Charge 3 - I LOVE the app too!