5 Favorites #10


These 5 favorites posts are what get me jazzed. I love sharing what I’m into and giving other people ideas and little bits of things that make me so happy. :) If you ever see something and want to know about it please let me know I’m always happy to share links and info!!!

Let’s get to it:

  1. Pinch Me Therapy Dough

    I have really been needing something at my work desk to play with. I even ordered some weird silky slime stuff of amazon. As I was waiting for it to get delivered, my family and I were up north. Jackee, my sister, found this aroma therapy moon sand like play dough. I went back to the store to get two I loved it so much.

    I got “sun” and “spa”. Every Pinch Me purchase helps fund our mission to pay it forward by supporting the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT.

     Link to Pinch me. Or link to amazon Mine are 3oz its the perfect size for one hand!

2. Yoga/Corepower

My stress reliever!!! I’ve been trying to go to Corepower in the morning before work, since I miss traffic and then can shower and get ready there! I really enjoy sculpt lately, because it is quick and upbeat. Once I’m there you’re kind of forced to move and stay there. Lately I haven’t had much motivation to go to the gym/don’t push myself much. I’ve really been liking this mat sweat towel lately! (mines green but I cannot find it!)


3. Lululemon Work Skirt on Sale

If you ever catch me paying full price for lulu somethings wrong…If you keep an eye on their sale “we made too much” online, you can find some good stuff!

Right now my favorite is this skirt. It is the perfect length for work and super comfy!!

4. Self Tanner

This was the first summer that I stared to use self tanner. I used to use the Jergens gradual tanner lotion - I really liked that but would forget to use it daily or what not and then slowly just forget about it all together. I watched a ton of youtube videos on which self tanner was the best and how to apply it. I came to the conclusion that Loving tan was unreal and I needed it ASAP. I used one of the girls promo codes while ordering it to get a free hand mit applicator. I also found out later that it is sold at Ulta!

I got the Dark - Mousse

I think when I buy my next bottle I’m going to get the two hour express one.

I usually do it on Sunday night. Exfoliate in the shower and apply lotion to my joins and hands, then apply and get Nick to get my back for me. Then put something loose on, sleep, and rinse in the morning! It dries really quick and doesn’t stain sheets or anything!

***don’t laugh at this one***

5. Abercrombie and Fitch

I swear I have been finding the cutest clothes that double for work clothes on sale here! (I’m trying to only buy things I can wear out and about along with to work) I’ll post some of the things I’m eyeing now. I will say it isn’t greeaaattt quality but it works for the time I want it for!