5 Favorites #8

  1. Lash Primer - Essence

I’ve recently been kind of obsessed with Makeup youtube videos…not sure why but I find them amusing. Anyways, I’ve really been wanting the Lancome lash primer I used to have but it is super expensive. In a yotube video by Tati she recommended this cheaper version and it is UNREAL. It is only $4 I am def going to try more from this brand for fun! Here’s the link!!


Essence also has a Dupe to the “Kiss the Frog- by lipstick queen” lipstick in multiple colors!! I haven’t tried yet but I want to. lol I know these kind of look like they’re for little kids, but whatever might be fun. Links below!

Black Sheep Purple Unicorn Pink Flamingo Blue Mermaid Green Frog

2. Agendio


Agendio is a custom planner/agenda/goal keeper. You can pick which layouts you want, if you do daily vs monthly spreads, and fonts/colors! I’ve really been trying hard to make my own “bullet journal” (it’s in quotes because I struggled). My thoughts were that I wanted to track certain things or have a note page wherever. But I didn’t actually stick to it and as the weeks went on I got sloppier and sloppier. SO I think a printed out and lined planner is my best bet, and since I could customize the layouts and pages I feel that I will get a ton of use out of it.

3. Concealer

Another great cheap find. This Tarte Cosmetics Dupe, I’ve been using it for my under eyes concealer and am really loving it. By Makeup Revolution - Conceal & Define.

4. Albanese Gummy Bears

These are life changing for your taste buds. We happened to be going on a long road trip through Indiana and I saw this huge Candy store along the way. Meaning we HAD to stop. :) It ended up being Albanese and I was like cool this is good, got a huge bag. When we ran out a few weeks later I had to figure out where I could buy them. I was willing to start shipping it from the store lol. Ended up most Walgreens and gas stations have them, I just never noticed.

You neeeeedd to try these. I’ll put the amazon link but they’re usually 2 for $4 in stores!

5. Quip Tooth Brush

love that this is listed right after sugary candy haha

Obviously, I waited over a year until finally giving into this. My reasoning was our toothbrushes in the way in our medicine/ mirror cabinet. The quip case sticks to walls and is so simplistic. I went online to order mine and saw they had a couples pack so I split it with Nick!! I love it! I had no idea I was brushing my teeth under a minute without this. It vibrates for 2 minutes and have a 30 second little pulse so you know how long. I also like the tooth paste it comes with. Here’s a link!

I right away got a few extra “refill heads” because 3 months sounds long to wait to get a new one.