Oreo Cupcakes

Want a quick way to make a simple cupcake even more delicious?? These are my go to ~special treat. I usually have all these things in my pantry and it is so easy to make!

  1. What you will need

    • package of chocolate cake mix (and whatever you need for that; eggs, oil)

    • rich and creamy frosting

    • OREOS

    • bowl

    • cooking spray or butter

    • ziploc bag


2. Make the cake mix & preheat oven

  • Follow the box instructions OR make your own recipe for chocolate cupcakes!
    I like to add chocolate chips into it!!

3. Place Oreo’s in Bottom of pan

I usually like to use cupcake papers.

This is the best hidden part- adding Oreos on the bottom! I like to split the Oreos in half but doing a full one will keep the Oreo crunch and you can notice it more! 
Make sure to spray the pan or cupcake papers! 
Add the cake mix - fill 3/4 of the way.

4. Make Frosting & Bake

While the cupcakes are in the over, it's time to make the frosting.
I use a ziploc bag to smash up Oreos into crumbs. 
Then take the crumbs and stir them into the frosting. Make sure to save some extra crumbs to top off the cupcakes with!!

5. Top the Cupcakes

Be generous with the yummy frosting and then sprinkle the crushed oreo’s on top! Enjoy :)