5 Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle More

I feel like we all could make a huge difference just with a little bit of change. Here's a few things I've tried that have worked or not! Either way- give some a try and see it for yourself :)


1. Wool Dryer Balls 

They work just like dryer sheets. We used those for about 6 months. I would put a few drops of lavender essential oil onto a few of them, before drying clothes.
Our dog got a few of them and we ran out of essential oils. Because we were down to 2 balls they really weren't working and we didn't LOVE them..
sadly, we went back to dryer sheets but we tried!! click photo for link

2. Wooden Tooth Brushes

I got this pack of 5 and we are still using the last 2. At first it was a little weird and sometimes the bristles would fall out in my mouth. But overall I've liked then and will buy again. It's also nice to have a pack of 5 AND they are labeled with numbers on them to not mix them up!!

3. Reusable Water Bottles/Tumblers

THIS ONE IS MAJOR!!!! Nick used to always drink out of plastic water bottles and I would use single use coffee cups. I think what made this easier for me was having multiple so if one was left at work/home or was in the dishwasher I had another option. I really liked having a swell water bottle, then I got a hydroflask. Both highly recommend! 
For coffee I have two of the exact same simple grey ones and a cheap navy one from walgreens. 

4. Mason Jars

Use them for E V E R Y T H I N G. I mainly use them for my smoothies to-go in the morning. Or the smaller ones for bringing salad dressing to work or a small side. Sometimes I'll use them for iced coffee.

5. Reusable lunch bag and grocery bags

Bring bags to the grocery store to bring your food home in. I find that mine are more sturdy anyways and I can carry them over my shoulder. 

Bonus------- Cutlery

Not using plastic forks and spoons at work is another small thing that could make a huge difference. I try to bring silverwear from home, if not I keep a set of plastic wear in my lunch pail and reuse multiple times!

Hope this gave you some ideas to lower your plastic use in the world!!!
xoxo, Jamie