Decorating New Apartment!

Finding it:

Our lease is ending this month so we were on the hunt for a new apartment. I knew I wanted that old charm, compared to what we have now it is much different. But I have been craving that old-homey-things-break-and go-wrong type of feel lol. For that I was mainly searching on craigslist. When we toured this place I knew I wanted it so bad I think I scared the lady that was showing it. I couldn’t form sentences. Nick was not a huge fan of that pink bathroom.


It is part of a quadplex and has a yard with a fence * cue Brewer happy AF * Here are the pictures from the listing:


They right away said that the kitchen would be painted white and we also asked if the landlord would include some new appliances. WOOHOO.

This was the kitchen once they painted and added new things:


Kind of crazy how big of a difference that made

First Round of Updates

We were on the search for a wood table on Facebook market and craigslist. Then we made some runs to home goods, home depot and target! The Living room has no overhead light so we got “adultish” sting lights to brighten it up!


Click on photos for links

Second Round of Updates


Only took me about 3 months AFTER moving in to finally hang this mini gallery wall above our bed.

Bed frame is Ikea - Bedding is Amazon(duvet) and H&M(Bedding) - Frames are mainly target

H&M doesn’t carry the same duvet cover anymore - but I thought this was similar!


just a few little center pieces :)

Table - Craigslist, Aloe plant - Aldi, Wicker Mat - Thrift Store, Vase - Target, Red Dried Plant - Hobby Lobby


Nick’s little gallery wall, not sure if 2 things count as a gallery but I am!! His non strung guitar and photography <3

The photo was framed by framebridge and it is such good quality (ignore the resolution of this photo), and the guitar is hung using this specific hook!


A lot of these are linked in the first apartment blog or right above!

The Snake plant and potter are from Menards - “J & N” blocks were a gift - and a classic Volcando Candle from Capri Blue!

A plus to our new place is this little porch area! The second it started to get warmer out I ran to target to get a patio couch. Nick got that old fashioned wooden chair from facebook market! I couldn’t find the link to Target but it was around $90 this spring!