Phoenix- Girls Weekend

Back story 

I have a group of AMAZING girlfriends from High School that will all be my forever friends. We are now 23-24 years old and mostly live in different cities. So the easiest/funnest way for us to get together is to go somewhere! How we decided where to go was by whatever was the cheapest because we are still young & broke :) 
Which led us to PHOENIX!!! Like I said we have been friends for awhile aka super close with each others families. So, we are staying with one of the girls Dad's who has 3 spare bed rooms. How perfect? Anyways this post is going to be about what we did or wish we did for our girls trip to Phoenix, AZ!


It was a short and perfect weekend. Highly recommend AZ for a warm getaway. We landed Fri afternoon and left Sunday Afternoon. A total of 6 of us went!
We started out planning with a google sheet (which my friend Square already started one from a previous trip). Then, we all added any ideas or things we may want to do.
I started to track the times of peoples flights so we could figure out rides.




  • Federal Pizza

  • Postino - Old Town Scottsdale

  • Culinary Dropout (the Yard)

  • Top of the rock (views 4 days)

  • Matt’s big breakfast

  • In & out

  • The duce

  • Gertrude’s

  • Coffee shops/Ice cream

    • Churn ice cream

  • Breweries and bars

    • Pedal Haus

    • The Yard

  • Some dope bars --link

The Scott Resort

The Scott Resort

Since it was November and COLD I really wanted to find a pool for a day. I ended up finding this thing called 
Resort Pass. It lets you pay to go use the facilities of a resort during the day! aka pool day!!
We went to The Scott resort (picture above is the entry way) and it was great! highly recommend. 

El Hefe Margs!!

El Hefe Margs!!


We picked up some cliff bars, and white claws. Essentials. 
Then, went to Scottsdale, AZ. For some reason I thought this was going to be a cute downtown...that's not the case. It is basically a super cool party town. All the bars open up to this main street and its poppin'. We went to El Hefe and they had really good tacos and margs!
We knew not to go hard tonight since we were going to have a busy day the next day. 


We woke up nice and early to go hike Camel Back Mountain before it got too hot.
That was a super good hike - again would recommend!! We made a pit stop on the way to the resort at In-N -Out...duh. Then went to the Scott Resort- we were all dusty lol. It was so nice to be in the sun at a nice pool. We spent all day there- then ended up lounging by a fire pit as well.
We picked up Chinese food on the way home and then hopped in the Hot Tub!! For some girl time and lots of white claws :p 


Me and 2 other girls woke up earlier than the others and wanted to go on a quick hike near by. I'm not sure what it was called but it was about an hour total and it felt good again to be in the sun!!
We picked up Bosa donuts on the way back for everyone and started to pack up/clean since we left for the airport around 11 am!


love my girlies so so much - thanks for a fun trip <3