Weekend in New Orleans!

We planned a trip to New Orleans for Mothers day weekend May 11. With my sister, my mom and myself!

As per usual I started a google doc for planning. I typically plan a trip by days or like a schedule, but after looking up things to do and the layout of the city I thought it may be easier to plan by neighborhood. So, as we walk around we will be able to just see were in this area and what we could potentially do.

Fair warning there isn’t everything on this- I selected minimal things to do based on our time and interests!

The one thing I have specified is taking the cable car into town and that needs to have a planned few hours, and I know I would want it to be light out during it since you can see all the cool houses, buildings, and cemeteries.

ALSO— After our trip I can definitly say it was not what I wa expected and for sure worth going to. The food was SO good, and the layout of the city and buildings style is very unique. I will say it felt a little dirty (littering and seeing mice), and the humidity is something else.

Here’s what we did!


Day One (Friday afternoon)

  1. Neyow’s Resturant

  2. BlacksmithBar

  3. Bourbon Street - walk along/get drinks/eat

Ate Dinner at Neyow’s - it wasn’t anything crazy special but the food was really good and they have this drink for $11 that is called the bowwow that contains 10 shots….yup. (remember you can take drinks to go and walk on the streets with them). We had Red beans with fried chicken and some crab for an app! We were planning to go to dookey chase or willie maes but every local I asked said they were over rated. We drove past one with a huge line. I’m OK that we skipped it and went to Neyows instead.

Then we headed over to Laffite’s Blacksmith Shop 1761 - it’s labeled the worlds oldest bar and they have candles for light. It was fun to see but we didn’t get a drink, we just walked through.

This is perfectly on the end of Bourbon Street, so we just started to walk along the street and go into Bars or restaurants that we liked! You can’t really go wrong but I suggest walking into a few because they are way different vibes in the inside.

We stopped at a Waffle House on the way to our hotel, because we all know they have the best waffles and is the perfect late night bite.


Day Two (Saturday)

This was a super busy day for us. We did a TON.

  1. Worked out in the AM (because food)

  2. Cafe Du Monde

  3. French Market (get drinks and walk through)

  4. Cute Park Picture

  5. Muffaletta from Grocery Central

  6. Voodoo Museum

  7. St Louis Cemetery #2

  8. Brennan’s - for a Banana Foster

  9. Royal house (next door to Brennan’s)

  10. Crescent Brewery

  11. Swamp Tour - Cajun Adventures

  12. Cajun Seafood ****

Started the day going to Cafe Du Monde. Which I thought would be completely over hyped up. It’s sooo worth it! (little tip if you walk around to the back side just sneak in and grab an open table as people leave and beat the whole line)

2-5 on the list are all right by each other! So, we wandered over to the french market, it has little vendor stands selling art and jewelry and food. I suggest getting a drink at the beginning and taking a lap of it. Right next to the market is that park - called Latrobe Park. Not sure why but I just found it really pretty with the trees and fountain.

Just a block away is Central Grocery where you should get a Muffaletta. We did a half sandwich cut into thirds (just wanted a snack and to try it). This was actually one of my favorite things to try, and we all really liked it. We were interesting in the whole voodoo history of the city and decided to see the voodoo museum, I’m not linking that one because honestly it wasn’t great.

Then we walked all the way over to St. Louis Cemetery #2. First of all, don’t walk all the way it was pretty far, second it was worth seeing a cemetery! We did #2 because it was free, the other ones you need to be on a tour.

We went over to Brennan’s (took an uber) for a Banana Foster. I was in jean shorts and extremely out of place, people are a little dressed up there but we didn’t care and got our banana foster. :) It was fun and they cook it in front of you! After that we went next door (because we wanted to experience as many places we kept getting single plates or apps) to Royal House. The upstairs was super cute and very french vibes, get oysters here if you like them!!

Next, we went towards our tour pick up spot for the swamp tour and stopped at Crescent Brewery. It isn’t a must but it was cool architecture, a mix of old, modern and industrial. We used Cajun Encounters for our swamp tour! It was fun to get away from the city, and see something different.

On the way home we were all craving some more seafood so I quickly looked up some cheap and easy seafood. I found Cajun Seafood (looked interesting) but had amazing reviews. We took an uber over to it the second the bus stopped. HIGHLY recommend going there. It was so good and an experience.


DAY THREE (Sunday)

  1. Doggy Store

  2. Cafe Beignet

  3. Steamboat Cruise

  4. Garden District

We were planning on taking the street cars into town, but there was some flooding from the storm all night. So we took an uber into town. First stop was a cute dog store called Southern Paws to get some treats to bring home (yes, we are crazy dog parents). Then, we went to Cafe Beignet to get some more beignets. And this cafe was right next to where we needed to board the Steamboat cruise to celebrate Mother’s Day! I really liked the cruise it was a nice way to see some more but sit and get a fresh breeze.

We saw the street cars were up and running and decided to take them over to the Garden District. It was super easy to use google maps to see the street cars routes and times to get to your destination. I used the RTA app to get tickets, otherwise they are $3 for a full day pass and you can pay with cash on the street car. Got off at the Washington and st charles stop, then walked to Magazine Street and walked along it. We popped into little boutiques, then took off to the aitport. I really wish we would have planned to spend more time in the garden district it was really cute and calmer.